Testimonials for Supportive Housing

I don’t even know where to begin. My mother has been living in residence at Riverside Lions Seniors Residences Supportive Housing for the past 6 years. She’s now 91. It was difficult for her to move from her home into a seniors place but she helped pick where she was moving and she loved it immediately, we all did. We felt the caring and love from the first day we viewed it. It was still a difficult adjustment for her in the first six months, but because of the incredible staff the adjustment was so much easier. My mom loves being there and now it is totally her home. And when I say incredible it doesn’t even begin to say how amazing these individuals are. From Elizabeth Pontanos to the staff on my mom’s floor, they are all family. They treat, not just my mom, but every resident as family. They go above and beyond. There are activities of every kind. There is always something for someone. They are also there for me and the family. The support I feel from them is so important as I always feel my mom is so well taken care of when I’m not able to be there. During COVID they have especially gone above and beyond. I feel blessed and extremely grateful to have found such an incredible, loving, supportive residence for my mom. It is her home and she loves it, as well as all the staff who care for her so well.

Shellie Johannesson on Behalf of McCaw family

Prior to my mother becoming a resident at Riverside Lions in 2018, my sister and I had looked at many Supportive Housing seniors residences in Winnipeg. Of course just like for everyone in this situation, finding good care for our mother in a place where she would be happy and well looked after was top priority for us. This was a learning experience for both of us as neither of us have ever had to do this before. When searching for the right place for mom, it was a bit of a let down for us when we discovered that many senior’s residences do not prepare their own fresh meals within their complex. The meals are prepared and transported to the complex from outside locations, some locations as far away as Brandon, MB. At Riverside Lions however, they have their own kitchen in the same building with a professional chef and kitchen staff that prepare all meals fresh daily. In the past, myself and a few other members of our family have had the pleasure and opportunity to join mom and the other tenants for a meal at Riverside Lions on a few occasions, and the meal we had was always served hot, fresh, and tasty just like a home cooked meal should be. So for us, that was a big part of our decision to have mom become a permanent resident at Riverside Lions.

Aside from the great food and meals the tenants get at Riverside Lions, it goes way beyond that. There is also great group of staff on every individual floor, caring for and keeping watch on all the tenants for their safety and wellbeing. I know that on my mom’s particular floor, each tenant has their own suite or living quarters and everyone makes their way to the Lounge at mealtimes. If for any reason someone is missing in the dinner hall, it is quickly noticed by the staff and someone will go to their room and get them. So if anyone happens to have possibly fallen asleep or may be ill in some way, it is quickly noticed by the staff and immediate, proper action is taken. If a tenant becomes ill or has any other medical issues, then the family person of contact (which is me in this case), is immediately notified. I have been notified on a few occasions over the years when she had fallen ill or required a trip to the doctor. So therefore, nobody will be left in their room at mealtime and be left unnoticed if they are missing. Some tenants prefer to stay in their rooms more than others, and for the ones that do, they are checked up on periodically through they day, and also, all tenants are checked on a couple or few times throughout the night as well.

On a daily basis, the staff on every floor also will administer the medication my mom requires, properly and professionally, on time and the right amount, as all her medications for her and all tenants is delivered to Riverside Lions in individual bubble packs. This was also a relief for my sister and me as our mother, just like many other tenants must take a couple different medications daily at different times.

There is also a great number of enjoyable activities and daily exercise for tenants to engage in several times a day if desired. It is up to each tenant to participate if they want, but it is encouraged by the staff to attend to keep everyone engaged mentally, socially, and to get a bit daily exercise. When tenants are in their room at activity time, a member of the staff will go to their room and ask them if they would like to participate. This makes for a happy tenant, I know that because my mom is always happy and upbeat which I’m sure is because of all the activities she engages in, especially bingo lol. She gets around in a walker but still goes out to all activities. Whenever I try to phone her, it can sometimes take days to catch her in her room because she’s always out at an activity or just visiting or watching TV in the big recreation room with all her friends. When there are no lockdowns or COVID restrictions in place, I know they sometimes have outside entertainment brought in from time to time, (such as an Elvis impersonator, and nice dogs around to pet and so on), and they also go on nice field trips in the summer. I know mom has been on trips to the mall, to a park, to a horse ranch, and to The Forks to name a few.

So all in all, myself and my whole family is so happy we found Riverside Lions for my mom and I know she couldn’t be happier. I would recommend to anyone.

Thank you!

Darrel Oystreck

My Mother is a resident in Supportive Housing. She had lived with me for a number of years until I was no longer able to care for her. It was not easy emotionally to move her to a new place where she didn’t know anyone, and worried that she wouldn’t be cared for. Riverside Lions has provided wonderful care and lifestyle for my mom. The tenant services manager Elizabeth Pontanos is always ready to respond to any questions or concerns. The staff are patient and kind. The rooms, common areas, and dining room are spotless.

There are outings and activities. My mom is socializing with others her age. I am truly grateful for the care my mom is receiving. COVID Protocols have been strict and there was not a single case that has been reported. Riverside Lions cares.

Kathy Dupuis

My mom has been in Supportive Housing at Riverside Lions Senior’s Residences for almost 4years now and it’s been fabulous for her and us. I can’t say enough about the management, office, kitchen, housekeeping staff and the frontline tenant companion team. They have been such a great support for mom and our family and they are so quick to respond to any requests and offer solutions to situations as they arise (and they do!).Mom is really happy there and always says what a great place it is to live. We are truly thankful to have her reside there!


Corie Arbuckle

Riverside Lions is a fantastic place. My mom has been living in the Supportive Housing section of the residence for almost 2 years now. The staff and volunteers are very patient and hardworking and take wonderful care of her. Every time I visit she always comments on how nice everyone is. They plan weekly activities for the residents to keep everyone physically and mentally engaged and included. The meals are simple, nutritious and delicious. Prepandemic they planned special events for families including food and live entertainment during holidays and special occasions. During COVID, when public recommendations permit, they coordinate socially distanced outdoor visits or meetings within the facility by appointment or virtually via Zoom. They are very well organized. The staff keep medications under lock and key and dispense on schedule. There is haircare and foot care available. Laundry and housekeeping is done once a week and assistance with bathing is provided. The rent is affordable especially compared to other supportive housing residences and so much more is included. I am relieved that we were able to get my mom a spot at Riverside Lions. I know she is safe and a beloved member of the Riverside community of residents.

Thank you!

Monique Thompson

The management and staff at Riverside Lions are extremely caring, kind and thoughtful. They always have our loved one’s wellbeing as a top priority. A monthly activity calendar is sent out to family and the supportive care staff are very encouraging to the residents for participation. They are always very caring and helpful when I call to ask a question or ask them to help my mom with a task. I always feel I can count on them. It’s a wonderful place.

Mona Jackson and family

Our aunt has been at Riverside Lions Supportive Housing for a year and a half. Before coming here, she was lonely & scared at home on her own. Riverside Lions has been the best place for her. She is happy & especially during these hard times (COVID) she remains positive & happy & is always saying “I’m not lonely or scared”. The staff are excellent, they take great care of her. The staff is in contact with family when an issue arises. The meals are really good, and family can join their loved ones for meals whenever they wish. There are activities going on all the time, with special activities during holiday season. This was the best move we could have made for our aunt. I’m no longer worrying about her.

Thank you staff for an excellent job. Especially during this time during the pandemic. You did an awesome job keeping our family members safe

Beryl Lagasse

Riverside Lions Supportive Housing is the nicest place in Winnipeg for my wife. The meals are as good as any dietician could prescribe for their client. The entire staff at Riverside Lions are of a great company culture. My wife is safe, sound and very comfortable…and that comforts me.

Steve Taplin

How to Apply

Applications for Supportive Housing are arranged through your Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) Home Care Case Coordinator. If you do not have a Home Care Case Coordinator, you may request one by phoning the Community Service Intake Line at (204) 788-8330. Home Care will complete an assessment and evaluate your eligibility for the Riverside Lions’ Supportive Housing Program.