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Riverside Lions is a wonderful place to live. After 6 years living here, I still find it a warm and welcoming place to live.

Kindness and respect for all is paramount. Staff are very kind and work so hard to make us all feel warm, comfortable, and safe. A true home.

Angela Casey, Resident

Time came to sell my home. My daughter-in-law informed me of Riverside Lions. The apartment had everything that I required, for example, one bedroom; spacious; cleaning services; meals, if required, delicious in suite or in luncheon. Plus, the staff are very friendly and accommodating.

Elma Houssin, Resident

It doesn’t get better than this! It’s high quality living at affordable prices and if you want a quiet sanctuary, or a dynamic indoor/outdoor social life, or just a clean safe place to call home, it’s all here. The perks are abundant and the meals we’ve access to are scrumptious. Camaraderie and a family-feel predominate, and everything we enjoy is provided in a festive and celebratory fashion. In every way that’s important and in so many ways that aren’t, it really doesn’t get better than this!

Janet Kennedy, Resident

I’m thankful for all of the lovely things Riverside Lions Estates does for the tenants in this building, from keeping the residents safe and the building clean during the pandemic to caroling in the hallway during the holidays and giving us a little Christmas gift. I also truly appreciated the subsidized Christmas dinner that was offered to the tenants. The staff at Riverside Lions are always pleasant, loving, courteous, and respectful. They always go the extra mile to make sure that we’re okay, including having a weekly wellness check on all the tenants in the building. I believe that Riverside Lions is full of heroes for all that they do.

Patricia MacPhail, Resident

WE LOVE THIS PLACE! And it’s people who make a place what it is. The competent and high-spirited management and staff are dedicated to keeping a safe, comfortable, sanitized, and happy home for everyone. It’s everything we wanted in a senior’s facility and far more than we expected. The quantity and quality of amenities are truly exceptional and the opportunities to participate and make beautiful memories are endless. So rare is a place devoted to the overall wellbeing and contentment of every tenant, and we feel honoured to call Riverside Lions Estates our home. It’s an extraordinary place that’s developed and run by extraordinary people. It’s “super duper”!

Sam Batten, Resident

I am delighted with my spacious one bedroom apartment, and especially grateful for the balcony, giving me my own little piece of the outdoors. This is a very clean, quiet and peaceful place to live. The staff are amazing! They are friendly, they really care and they go above and beyond to be helpful, supportive and encouraging. I am quite happy to be living life here!

Kathy Klingler, Resident

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