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Award for Excellence

Riverside Lions Seniors Residences and Louis Riel School Division Co-Operative Education Program had the honour of becoming the 2013 recipient of the Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba’s Award for Excellence in Innovation/Vision/Leadership. This annual award is given to persons/organizations who “go above and beyond the call of duty”, having “a positive effect on staff and/or residents/tenants by promoting and enhancing quality care, compassion, and respect for rights and dignity”.

Riverside Lions Seniors Residences has partnered with various schools and programs within the Louis Riel School Division over the past 5 years, building intergenerational partnerships and programs. Together with youth, seniors, staff, volunteers, families and other supporters, we have gained a true appreciation of and commitment to the value of intergenerational partnerships and relationships. Efforts to diversify our community with intergenerational activities have created a much more authentic human environment that cultivates caring, mentorship and sharing. The relationships that are formed help to alleviate loneliness and isolation and promote personal growth by generating knowledge, purpose, and unconditional positive regard.